Gift a free Commercial Insurance & Risk Review.

Earn up to £400.

Make a Referral

Know other Business Owners, Directors or Network Members who could benefit from our advice & insights? Invite them for a free review and earn £50. If they place their Insurance program via us you will both earn £350.

How it Works

1. Refer a friend.

Tell us about your contact – Name, Contact number and email address.

2. We will reach out.

We will make contact and offer a free review to share insights and explore how we can help.

3. Gift.

We’ll send you both a digital gift card when your friend has placed their Insurance program via us. Earn £350 for Businesses with £2m+ T/O or 10+ HGV’s.

Reward Tiers

£50 for a free Insurance review and agreement to quote and £350 once the Commercial Insurance program is placed via OSCAR for business with £2m+ T/O or 10+ HGV’s.
We’ll send you a £50 gift card after your contact engages us to quote for their Insurance Renewal.

We’ll also send you both gift cards after your contact places their Commercial Insurance via OSCAR. There is no limit to the rewards you can receive, so refer as many friends as you like!